Assassination Issues

I have been playing this game for a few hours now and have been having some issues. I have been trying to run a mostly economically right wing/socially moderate economy and everytime, I get assassinated. Its not so much the liberals as they have only assassinated me once. Its a group of minority terrorists called, “The Black Power Party”. My economic system sees two terms of growth, and when i finally manage to get my economy back on its feet and the unemployment rate down to a minimum, I cut welfare. Only when i cut welfare do the Black Power Party get upset. I have tried seeing to it in other areas that i please them. I have cut border security, citizenship tests, and foreign aid, But no matter what I do, the black power party is set in their hatred of me. I have been assassinated by them three times in the last hour and am unsure of why. It almost seems that im suppose to please everyone and have a mediocre economy, rather than a stable economy, and piss off a small group of people while they are still successful. Does anyone have any answers on how to persue one path of economics?

It’s easier to make people angry than it is to make them calm down. Also you inherit a country with its own problem which you must deal with. It takes time to recover from hate. Mostly due to the inertia mecanic. If you’re threatened by an armed group, it’s already pretty problematic. Good politics is about not making to that point.

You can:

  • Make less radical changes.
  • Try to balance policy changes. “If I take this policy that really angers this group, I should try to find something they want which I can accept”.
  • Compromise.
  • Try not to adopt policies which will ruin your relationships with a political group that hates you. It’s not about making them like you, it’s about not making them want to shoot you.
  • Try to adopt policies lowering the number of your political enemies.

If a group is getting dangerous, making sure they are no longer a threat should be your number 1 priority. Everyone wants to pursue their goal but being six feet under the ground kind of makes it harder.

I really like the game. I can burn a few hours tweaking sim games and satisfy my micro-manager needs. But the assassination thing is ruining for me.

Someone said that the only way to minimize the chance for assassination is to play a moderate. Well that’s no fun. Maybe it’s pretty darn realistic, but let’s face it, assassination is not fun! At least add the option “no assassination,” or at least a threshold bar.

I’ve played as a right winger police state (I didn’t grow the hitler mustache though), a socialist (didn’t wear Stalin’s giant coat though), even moderate (didn’t bite my lip or have nooky in the oval office though)–and have gotten the bullet. Assassination can ruin your day!

I once had the US health up (with private health). All economic factors were fair to good. I had a 70-something approval rating and got 60-something percent of the vote on re-election. I had seriously low taxes! Plenty of public services, racial and social equality, decent GDP and a balanced budget!! After re-election I got assassinated by either the socialists, or the black power group, (with racial equality measures maxed!).


Has anyone made a “no assassination” mod?

The policies pack or the more policies mod include a state security policy. It helps prevent your assassination but has a cost and people don’t like it.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Also, the game already ships with the option to disable assassinations. Look in options.

Black power are one of the easiest groups to get off your back, mind. Spend some money on foreign aid, implement race discrimination laws and citizenship tests, and youll be home free. They don’t like the tests, but the reduction in racial tension offsets it.

I came to gripe about the high frequency of Assassinations, and by reading others griping about the same thing, I discovered that you could uncheck it in “Options”.
Thanks for that, because getting assassinated really ruins my whole day.

Out of context, that’s quite an understatement.

Dear assassination game programmers,
I don’t understand how to play this game. What do I do after the initial assassination (The one that occurs within the first two minutes of playing)? I doubleclick the icon on my desktop, and then I start the game. Then I click on one of the circles on my desktop and I get assassinated. I tried playing the game without clicking anything, but I got assassinated. I tried starting a new game, but I got assassinated 15 times in a row while I was still in the options menu. So, I tried to install a mod to turn off assassinations, but I got assassinated while Googling it. My neighbor hasn’t even played this game, and she got assassinated too. Now I’ve given up on this game, and I’m installing a different game, but it’s still trying to assassinate me, even though I closed the program!

To avoid confusion by future potential players, I suggest that the name of this game be changed to “Get Assassinated No Matter What You Do 3”


The Palace Mod is a mod with one policy, the Palace, which strongly reduces the risk of assassination.


Thank you, Gikgik. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

I played this afternoon with Australia, and got killed several times, either by liberals, either by religious groups. It seems that most of my actions would hurt one or another group AND cause assassination. I started over and over several times, every one of them making imediate new changes in order to please religious groups (ban legalize prostitution), lower crime rates (ban legalized games and puting more cops on the streets) and only then playing normal. Also, I saved the game whenever I got a warning. If I would get killed, I would load the game at that exactly point… but sometimes (after loading), I wouldn’t get killed. And even pleasing those groups, it was a matter of time before they (or the other one) get angrier again and tried to kill me… again! Was almost impossible to reach any election and, if reached, to win those, for I only had to manage those groups, not entire country.

As in the case of liberals, they were pissed cause I tried to lower crime rates with law enforcement. Whenever I back up from those policys, the crime rates skyrockets again (I don’t get killed, but “my people” do).

I haven’t tried with all mods, but will do soon enough.