Assassinations always succeed

All of my police forces are highly armed, I have the largest spy network, CCTV cameras everywhere and crime at it’s lowest bu still after a few attempts I still get killed and game over. I think this is one of the major issues in the game. Anyone else having this ?

Even in a “police” state assassinations take place. Try to see which group of voters is angry against you and risolve the situation.

Of course assassinations happen everywhere. I’m just saying that is really frequent.

I didn’t want to start a new topic for this, which results in a bit of a grave-dig. But, there are a lot of assassination attempts in this game. And by “a lot”, I really mean “far too many to be believable”. The last successful assassination (in the United States) was JFK in 1963. Even in the modern political climate, which can be easily described as “volatile”, there have been no conspiracies uncovered, and no meaningful attempts made. So to have frequent assassination attempts taking place (every turn!?!) over policy issues is unrealistic, and takes away from the overall experience.

As an example of how rare assasinations are in the so far about 90 year history of the Irish State not one Taoiseach has even been victim of an attempted assassination (Haughey nearly drowned but that was an accident). One Minister of Defence was killed but that was after the Civil War (1919-1922).

What country did this happen in? I had most to everyone police force, cameras, etc. maxed and I was not assassinated. Their were many attempts…(the Capitalists do not like me…) but…again…I was never assassinated. (In Canada)