Come on, now: I might expect a group espousing a radical philosophy that supports political assassinations as a means of change, to come after my candidate. But this is the fifth game in which ordinary citizens in a given group–farmers, parents, or environmentalists–took my avatar out. What does this mirror? Death squads of ninja parents shifting past an elite sqadron of presidential guards to visit their wrath on my leader? Farmers dive-bombing suicidal crop sprayers over the White House or 10 Downing Street? For what? They appear to be driven into insanity far too easily, and in about two years–instead of simply going over to my opponent’s party.

Yeah, this was an issue in the original too. I can understand some groups being able to do this (religious, etc) but having parents and environmentalists is indeed odd.

I can understand environmentalist being terrorists easily. Some environmentalists feel very strongly about it that they would fight to save the environment. Plus I have practically set up a Police-State but I still get regular terrorist attacks, I can’t understand it, what can I do?

Not my point. The first and obvious choice would be to do as they do in reallife, and join the opposition in hopes of defeating you. Finding environmental, or farming, or parents becoming terrorist cells within 6 months of becoming displeased is out of sync, in my opinion. And finding farmers or parents doing it at all is a real jump.

Parents? They shouldn’t assassinate you. There is definitely no code whatsoever that lets parents assassinate you in the game. Are you sure it says parents?
Farmers do. albeit rarely.
I was thinking that the assassination attempts are actually too rare, I find it very difficult to antagonize anyone enough to even get warnings of a plot. I suspect you have a very annoyed ‘everyone’ group?

You’re going down a dangerous road if you start saying one demographic is more likely to be provoked into extreme action than another, or to set different timeframes for such action depending on the group. A minority of any voter group is capable of such things. If you got so involved in a cause or an issue that your life’s sole purpose became to defend it (as is the case for millions of people), then it very literally becomes a matter of life or death. The cause itself is incidental.

If you don’t think parents are capable of jumping so quickly to such extremes, then take a look at Fathers 4 Justice, a parental rights organization which was disbanded because it was widely reported in the mainstream press that the group was planning to kidnap the Prime Minister’s son. OK, not so far as murder, but it’s a pretty damn serious crime even to contemplate.

I have had little experience of assassinations, attempted or otherwise, in the game. Cliff, I’m not sure that they’re too rare - I think that scarcity properly reflects the real world situation. Assassinations of heads of state are very uncommon.

I quite often get warnings of plots, especially from the patriots.

It happens frequently to me. And the odd thing is that they don’t gravitate first to the opposition party, to throw me out of government. Which seems to be the natural mechanism for defeat in the game.

I shall investigate this further. but what does it say in the text when they attack you? I cn only imagine somehow they are using the attack event from another group, as I know I don’t have one for parents.

I will have to write down the exact text the next time it happens, and post it here. Seriously, I’m more concerned with the frequency of the event, and with the way people who are annoyed don’t do what they should be doing–voting you out of office.

It depends how rapidly they become annoyed. The game has code that basically makes people ‘think about’ joining a political party over a period of a year or so. Basically however annoyed they are with you, it takes time for them to join the opposition party if they aren’t already a member. This isn’t the case with terrorist groups, whom they will join as soon as they are sufficiently angry. So possibly that needs to be changed.
The thing is, generally terrorist groups have very low membership (in the game) because even if you REALLY annoy a certain group, most people in that group have their views ‘moderated’ by their membership in other groups. So in order to get such attacks, in theory you need to aggravate several ‘similar’ groups.
So annoying socialists and the wealthy shouldn’t be too bad because there is little overlap.
Also, unlike Democracy 1, the attacks are performed by real people in the game, so reducing the size of the groups will also reduce the available ‘pool’ of potential terrorists for that group.
I hope that helps, but I’m still very keen to track down why you have attacks you shouldnt have.

There are some fixes to this part of the game in the new version:

I’ll check that out later today, and let you know who, if anybody, decides to assassinate my officeholder, this time. :wink: