Asset Modding

I want to add backing singers and a brass section as employees
Ihave copied the engineer settings and they seem to work.
However I am not sure that the final colums actually do


It’s the effect on the stage show followed by the weight, which shows you how much you need a roadie for. A better example to copy in this case would possibly be the manager or publicist.

Ok that works - though of course they do not show up on the gig screen - but I can live with that for now.
Have added a few cars and a yacht to the goodies section - just need to earn the money to buy them,
They show up I will see how that goes.

Next thing I tried to add extra options for things to do on days off.
The first one works but it goes off the bottom of the screen.
The second cannot be seen at all.
Is there any way to get these options to scrunch up - or get scroll bars.


Not without changing the code for that screen I’m afraid.