Ok, I have tried and tried to modd the assets, to no avail. I can mod just about everything else in the game including the venues. But when I modd the assets, it always crashes the game when I try and do my first gig. Keep in mind that the only thing I’m actually trying to mod in the assets is the merchandise. Below is an example of a mod I tried. I also tried using smaller quantities, but it always crashes the game. Any help would be appreciated.

#,merchandise,tshirts(20),T-Shirts (x20),merchandise,True fame is seeing your bands logo on someone else’s chest. FACT.,ass_tshirt.jpg,79.99,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,20,10.99,merchandise_tshirt,#,#
#,merchandise,tshirts(100),T-Shirts (x100),merchandise,True fame is seeing your bands logo on someone else’s chest. FACT.,ass_tshirt.jpg,360,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,100,10.99,merchandise_tshirt,#,#
#,merchandise,tshirts(500),T-Shirts (x500),merchandise,True fame is seeing your bands logo on someone else’s chest. FACT.,ass_tshirt.jpg,1700,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,500,10.99,merchandise_tshirt,#,#
#,merchandise,posters(500),Posters (x500),merchandise,Promote the band and earn money in one tidy package!,ass_poster.jpg,122,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,500,2.99,merchandise_poster,#,#
#,merchandise,sweatshirts(100),Sweatshirts (x100),merchandise,Keep your fans warm during the winter. Or sweaty in summer. Hence the name.,ass_sweatshirt.jpg,115,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,100,14.99,merchandise_sweatshirt,#,#
#,merchandise,sweatshirts(500),Sweatshirts (x500),merchandise,Keep your fans warm during the winter. Or sweaty in summer. Hence the name.,ass_sweatshirt.jpg,520,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,500,14.99,merchandise_sweatshirt,#,#

As you can see, I’m simply trying to make it easier to buy posters and sweatshirts by being able to purchase them in quantities of 500. This is the most simplistic approach I’ve tried. Originally, I tried adding options and changing the prices. With the above mode we’re talking about a difference of just two or three digits, but it still crashes the game when I try to go to my first gig.


I just tried it, and its working just fine here. there is no problem with the text at all. The most likely thing is that your text editor is screwing up the formatting somehow.
Anyway, I uploaded the csv file with your changes here:

(you probably want to right click and select to save it to disk rather than open it in your browser)

If all lines don’t have the same number of columns (commas), or if they’re not lined up, it will crash. This is easy to do if you simply open the *.csv file in notepad and add your desired values.



To prevent this from happening, use a ‘csv editor’ (something that can translate commas to columns). CSVed is free, small and works great - it has recently been updated.

If you edit the csv in notepad and want to check if the columns are correct (lined up, same number…) open with CSVed and it will make it easy to see if you have (for example) the ‘purchasecost’ in the ‘sound’ column. It also will correct for the fact that one line has 3 extra commas (by altering every other line so that they all have more columns.