Is there anyway i could obtain the full version of this game? I’m willing to buy it. I remember playing the demo as a child and I’ve always felt unfulfilled that I never got to experience the full game for how much enjoyment I got from it.

edit: I should mention I’ve been doing a lot of searching online, and i also searched the forums but all I found was a couple mentions of it.
I apologize for putting this in the wrong section as well.

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I am going to +1 this.

i came here for just the same reason. i want to buy the game aswell. i came across the no drm thing the owner made, and i decided that i would support him and buy asteroid miner (aka star miner)?

but it is not even listed on the site anywhere. i also played the demo, even edited the maps to have planets sell for more money :stuck_out_tongue:

out of curiosity, is what you’re talking about this?

can you guys maybe find an image for me to look at?

I used to have the full version on an old desktop as a kid, and I wanted to play it again on my laptop. I’m willing to pay for it again if it’s offered. I’ll see if I can upload a screenshot from the demo I downloaded.

Myself as well! Was playing some other games that reminded me about this game from my childhood, and I’ve been thinking about it off and on over the last few monthss, but couldn’t remember the name. Finally found the old CD while going through some boxes yesterday, reinstalled, and figured I’d see if its still possible to pay and get it registered, as I never got the full game as a kid. Cliff, any chance we might be able to get the full version of this classic game of yours?

Also, would the multliplayer functions of this game still work at all?

Yep, I remember playing this game. I was young at that time:)