Attacks.csv Line #7 problem


I’m working on Attacks.csv, but I think I’m faced with a small problem on Line #7.

Unlike other lines, this line has 5 columns. Should I leave 4th column or change this for 5th column?

#,FarmersAssasination,Assassination!,“Farmers Assassination”,“Nobody can quite believe how they managed it, but somehow a group of extremists claiming to be from the ‘Provincial Defense Brigade’ turned up at a press briefing today and managed to get into the meeting with a shotgun. They only managed to fire one shot before being dealt with, but that’s all they needed. I’m sure heads will roll in the security services once we find out how this was possible, but that will be no consolation to your relatives. Game Over… “,””,

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Use open office or excel to edit csv files
And yeah, there is Farmers Assassination instead of normal text.

Also there is related bug in pressure groups CSV:
seniorrightssociety PROTEST 0.7 0.35 0.5 0.8 Wealthy 0 0 Retired,1

Yup thats a bug, I’ll fix it now. That text is shifted over one column!

raxo2222: not sure how thats a bug though?

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I wasn’t sure if this was bug.
So it looks like only Retired Wealthy people join senior rights society.

Thanks. I’ve shifted it correctly for Korean version.

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