Attention Modders (Steam Workshop)

Hi, if you use steam, and have made a mod PLEASE PLEASE take 2 minutes to add it to the steam workshop. You can do it with just one click (and a little bit of typing :D)

There are instructions in the steam guide at: … =192661160

Or watch my video that explains it here:

Steam workshop is very popular and you will get lots of people trying out your mod!

I downloaded the Israel mod and then accidentally removed it. Now I can’t figure out how to add it back in. Advice?

if you go to mods, then steam workshop (in the game) then click refresh content it should return. You never really need to delete mods, you can just select them and click disable to hide them from the game.


Thanks for downloading my mod! :slight_smile:

I’d like to ask Cliff one thing. Does Dem3 check for subs when starting aswell? Or does users have to click refresh no matter what? Since if they have to click refresh to download mods they have to refresh whenever mod creator pushes a update.

It doesn’t check on startup, but I’m wondering if I should force it to do so, as there are a fair few steam users who don’t get that it is required. I guess they use other steam workshop games that work automatically so expect Democracy 3 to do so too. For the technically minded, the reason it doesn’t work automatically is D3 has multi-file (folder) mods, whereas the workshop only supports individual files. When you submit a workshop mod, Democracy 3 compresses it into a pak file and uploads that. when the game downloads new pak files it has to decompress them and write out the actual mod files.
I guess there is no harm in actually forcing the game to do this on startup, and leaving that ‘refresh’ button in there just for people who were surfing the workshop from the steam overlay when the game had already started…

That was exactly my thought. Not many games support to load mods while still ingame as dem3 does, but I suspect some users finds it confusing and it could all be fixed by just running the refresh code while the game is starting.

It is possible to teach players to refresh once they’ve installed a mod but its really hard for players to know if mods are updated.

Furthermore as a developer;

  • Creating Mod[list]
    []Maybe allow to read description from a .txt file since the ingame text editor is limited? Would be nice to be able to copy paste etc.
    []Updating a Mod Should allow to leave the descrition unchanged (Checkbox or just if empty?)
  • Changing description should not change the description on steam. I for example had a rather big description on the workshop and updating the mod just removed the description and replaced it with the very short description the mod-file allows.

I like all of your suggestions, BDZR.

Further, I would add that it would be nice if it read the description from the mod text file (the one in the /mods/ folder)? Or if instead of pointing it at a mod folder, you pointed it at the /mods/ file and it read everything from there, including the filepath? Since you need to have created one of those anyway to test out your mod. That would make things a bit simpler and would be a big improvement for me.


True. We have to create a mod-file anyway for testing and instead of entering a descript and selecting a folder you could just read the mod file and get the file-path and a descript from there. I like it

Yeah thats a good point :smiley:

Steam Workshop isn’t working for me :confused: My subscribed mods aren’t dowloading… I tried reinstalling, unsubscribing and resubscribing, etc etc

Have you clicked Refresh Content?
In game open the mod menu, click the Workshop tab and then click the Refresh Content button.


Same problem here and no, refreshing doesn’t work. =/

Found the Steam setting that enables the cloud.

I’ve uploaded the Social Engineering Plus, Palace, Black Swan and Tooth for a Tooth mods.