I would like to start my character out as an alcoholic. How do I set that up from the beginning? I know I can view the XML file when I save the games, but I’d like to change it up front. Can I do it?

Also, I’d like to change to American dollars and edit the beginning text as well as the age of the character. Can I do it?

if you open up data/strings.ini you can edit the intro here: (search for INTRO_TEXT)

INTRO_TEXT = “put text here”

you can’t start the game as an alcoholic I’m afraid.

I know I keep asking this but how do I learn how to mod beyond jobs as there’s no guide book for it?

I’d also like to know if it’s possible to change the currency to American dollars if I purchase the game. I didn’t see any option to change the currency on the demo, so I guess I would need a mod for this, if it’s even possible. Or maybe I would need to purchase the game elsewhere? I tried searching posts/threads for any mention of “dollars” to see if this was already answered, but this is the only thread that came up for me. Thanks in advance!

actually he can LOL

open “cheats.txt”
enter “#,alcohol,1.0”
save & start the game