auto-delete saved designs

If the mod they are from is no longer installed. It would be far easier for the user than just crashing at startup, and then having to go through errors.txt to see which ones are causing the crash, and then having to manually delete them in the C:\Users\yourwindowsusernamehere\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships directory.

Maybe it would be better to ignore designs that can’t be loaded and log an error to the debug files. That way there’s no risk of accidentally deleting something that’s in use.

How about name the ships of the mod. Like for instance in my corvette, destroyer, dreadnought mod I use FedCorv…, FedDessie…, and FedDread… Were as the … is the shipname. Or FedBAL attack cruiser, for the balance mod. And so forth and so forth…

there could be a program that checks the hull of each saved design to see if it exists in the directory. Or there could be an auto-debugger program, that pretty much goes through EVERYTHING and checks to make sure that all of the files exist.


Is that a hint that I should add another tool / GSBEdit feature to my list? :stuck_out_tongue:

methinks not.

this is something that would be needed in the main game. you have done far too much already :wink:

no, it was not. :stuck_out_tongue: