Auto post of winning fleet.

It would be nice if we were able download fleets that beat your challenge. Availble automaticlly at the end of every match. I find it interesting that you see some peeps who win all the time, but you never see a challege or retaliatiom from them.

They might be using modded content though. Which can crash your game.

Shouldn’t be able to fight challenges with modded content, or only with poster’s permission, or results should reflect modded response to challenge, or something. Auto-respond doesn’t seem like a bad idea in general. . . .


It would help a lot to get rid of cheaters. A crash in this game does not affect the outcome like it does with fps and rts games, so it is not a major concern for me. Cheating does affect the outcome.

I would like the game to auto save when I post a challenge - so when someone responds I know what they are responding to. That would help when/if you got an auto post of a win, so you knew what that auto post was related to.