Automatic Pricing

I enjoy the game but I find that the one issue with it that holds me back from really enjoying it is the fact that you have to price everything yourself.

I wish when I create a car with extra accessories that the game prices it automatically higher than a car without the accessories until later in the game where people demand to have basic accessories which drops the price which a car would be sold.

So the game basically prices and set the range of quality of car (low to high end)

Actually the base cost of the vehicle is computed for you automatically. You are just setting the markup cost. Manually setting the markup cost is a key strategic decision for the player, influenced by market competition, current finances, current inventory in showroom, etc. etc.

It might be interesting to see some more detail on how the base price is computed, as sometimes I do see it increase when I research new items for a bit and then go back down later… not exactly sure how that works.

The base price of both a simple car, and each of the features is essentially a fixed (base) price, plus a variable based on how ‘common’ that feature is in a car of that price band (budget, mid-range etc…) plus another variable based on how competitive the market is.

So lots of competition will drive down all prices. As tech is researched, individual features will also drop in price.