Autosave Bug?

Is everyone else’s autosavie working correctly? Mine only autosaved once in my very first game and then stopped functioning. I have it checked in Options, it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Edit - At least I think I have it checked. Does autosave default to off? Is a filled box off or on?

Have you tried loading the game to see when it’s from?

The Load Game screen displays (as far as I can see) the “file created” times for the saves, rather than the “last modified” times. My autosave was displaying 00:48am as its time (which was when it first saved) but looking at the file, its last modified time was 8am this morning and loading it did indeed give me my most recent turn.

You’re right. It was working fine, just listing the file creation time & date rather than the modified time & date. That might be something you want to change, Cliff. It makes the time/date stamp kind of useless.

Ooh, that’s very useful to know… I guess my crashed first victory had been saved after all (and has now been promptly over-written, unfortunately!)

Aha, well spotted. I shall do this…