Autosave of the murder

Hi Cliff and Community. If they kill you, you couldn’t click the autosave to play again as if there was no attack. Instead it can be done and in my opinion it must be fixed because in the elections you can get more points if you try to click the autosave several times but you will lose anyway so in my opinion when the attack has been successfully carried out every time you reload that autosave it must always that the attack was successful.
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I didn’t fully understand, you’d like the autosave to save after your death, or before? If it’s after your death, then it would not make sense, as it would be impossible to keep playing, unless Cliff adds a continue option after assassination.

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I’m saying if you try to go out and load the autosave in which you were murdered the game does not repeat the successful attack but does not load it anymore.

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Oh, I see, that probably is due to its random nature, and not due to a bug. Perhaps Cliff can load it towards happening more often if you’re doing it from a save. That could be a precondition.

There is a random chance that an assassination attempt works, based on a bunch of factors, but always has some random number in there.
Sadly there is not an easy fix for this, because short of always saving the next X random numbers in a save game each time, and loading them in… which is horribly hacky and not a guaranteed fix anyway… this is unavoidable.

The save games are plain text anyway so if you really want to ‘cheat’ the game, we do not try to stop you. The assumption is that the player plays the game ‘in the spirit of’ the game itself and is not trying to cheat. Its not a competitive multiplayer game thankfully :smiley: