Available for pre-order and Beta access NOW!

Ok, at long last (bit of a delay for getting playable Linux & Mac builds done) Democracy 3 is now available for pre-order and you get beta access to the game on all 3 platforms (plus a steam key for it’s eventual steam release) right away:
Here is the link to the pre-order page!

It says you get a DRM free copy of the game. Will that mean that me and my father (who is also interested in playing the game) can both download it and play it, with only one purchase? So there is no need for multiple purchases?


I suppose the download links one gets when buying the game can be used continuously, multiple times to always get the newest version of the game as it evolves (I for one am planning to use it on a machine not continuously connected to the Internet, so no automatic updates for me), but will one also have the possiblilty to re-download the game once it has reached its final stage of development and one loses their copy due to disk failure or some other reason?

Absolutely, they should last forever, if they don’t email me :smiley: