Avenue Hire

Alright, I was only wondering…

How come we pay twice for playing a gig?

I understand how the place can ask you to pay once to play, but how do they justify that you pay a second time too?

you have to pay to rent the venue, that way you get to keep the ticket money.

there should also be times (especially when just starting out) a bar says “come be our entertainment tonight and we’ll give you $200”

cliffski your response suggests to me what he, and I, and others have seen is a bug, and not intended.

When I want to get a new gig, I go to book a gig. Say the gig hire price is $750. I select that gig, and the next day $750 is missing from my cash remaining.

A week later the gig comes around. Ticket sales amount to $2,000. Gig hire was $750, other expenses are say $20. The next day after the gig my cash remaining increases by $1230, not $1970 as it should. You pay to rent the gig for twice the actual listed hire price.

I am running Windows XP Media Center edition, if you are unable to duplicate the same bug on your end email me and I can send you system stats and screenshots or whatever you need. (I still have the demo installed and have confirmed the same thing occurs on the demo. The listed “profit” for a gig is what gets added to the total cash, but that “profit” subtracts the cost for hiring the venue, even though it was already paid a week ago.)

I do think that, as part of resolving this bug, it could be a cool feature if unknown bands had to pay up front to reserve a venue, whereas well-known bands could book the venue and get charged the cost of booking out of ticket sales since the owners are sure it’ll sell out well.

Damn. I think you are right. This is easily fixed, but it will mean changing a lot of numbers to keep the game balanced. damn.

Ok fixed, redownload to get 1.12 which fixes it.