AVG Virus Warning

Out of know where I started getting errors when I launch GSB. The first is from GSB saying it can’t launch, the second if from my anti-virus saying that fxmodel.dll is infected…
attached is an image of the problem

AVG just got an update this morning and upon installing GSB through Steam I get (along with others posting in Steam forum) a virus warning, see attached screeny.

Question, when AVG started complaining about the file, had it recently updated ?

Please note: the virus scanner I am running (Avast) is not concerned about the file.
(Personally - I think AVG is giving a false report)

Never the less, Here are a few suggestions that we could try.

  1. Delete the allegedly infected file and have steam reverify the installation. In theory it will replace the file.
  2. Complete a full scan of your system - on the remote, infinitely small chance that you do have a virus on your system

I tried deleting and re-downloading the file, no change, I think AVG updated recently but I don’t know about the game. If I disable my anti-virus the game still fails to launch even after I have checked the files

Error 0xc0000022 can sometimes refer

  • being blocked by security software. (place an exception for the file in question)
  • you do not have the correct permissions (to test this - Right Click on gsb.exe and ‘select run as administrator’)

If you have Made the exception in the Anti Virus and you have checked that all the correct permissions are in place and still getting an error, then could please provide info on:

  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Debug logs (located in \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug) for Windows

I made a similar thread in the general (probably the wrong) forum. This has happened to me and I can confirm that AVG has recently been updated.

So the question is if GSB has in fact been “hacked” and infected, or if AVG doesn’t like how the file runs in the system. I’d like Cliff to check up on this before excempting the file from the security check.

I just got this threat warning from AVG - I will assume it updated sometime last night during a reboot.

I skipped the error as seeing as I read this thread but GSB still will not load (same launch application) from a non-steam install that was just working.
So I will blame this one one AVG.

Crappy crappy mc crappy time to find a new virus checker - any suggestions? Free?

I am using Avast and its not to bad.

Hi all!
(I’m the developer).
It looks like yet another anti-virus programmer can’t code, or is willfully doing shoddy work so people ‘think’ they are being ‘saved’ by their trusty antivirus program. Suffice to say, fmodex has not been changed, or hacked. This is the same sound engine used by loads of games, including AAA ones. A brief googling has shown people with all sorts of games, including The Witcher and Absolution have a similar issue, where AVG has decided it knows best and is deleting files from peoples’ PC’s without warning (which frankly makes it malware if you ask me.).

I don;'t use any anti-virus software, as they are practically all a scam. if you avoid the ‘dodgy’ sites, its normally ok, but I do run Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free, and also fantastic at spotting stuff.
Also be aware that most antivirus stuff (especially Norton internet security) makes it almost impossible to deactivate, let alone uninstall easily. It’s the most destructive malware out there, if you ask me. But my official recommendation is to just uninstall AVG and use Microsoft Security Essentials, which actually works :smiley:

AVG allowed my to run an exception to the particular file.
Settings, Exceptions.
GSB works normally right now.

Cliffski lives dangerously.

i’m probably a little late (ok a lot) but if it hasn’t already been stated thats a false positive and i hear AVG and norton are notorious for that sort thing ( a false positive is when a virus program thinks it sees a virus but it not) now regardless if you bought it or not i suggest you just use microsoft security essentials its good and it will never delete a file without your approval, and if you in the mood of buying more stuff i hear NOD32 is a god among antiviruses, who also happens to be suggested by the guy here ( techguylabs.com/ whos name is Leo Laporte) and hes been in the busines sense 1998

I just made an exception in AVG and it works fine again.