i got 6 out of 8… please can you tell me what are the other 2?

so far:
green pleasant land
socialist utopia
crime free
single party
economic miracle
technological advantage

so what’s left?

great game btw :wink: i have the first and bought this one on the first day

Look in the file C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\simulation\achievements.csv (changing the root if appropriate).

The remaining awards are God’s Kingdom and Police State.

God’s Kingdom?! Hah, I’ll never get that!

Setting the “Creationism” level all the way to total and utter science is worth the repeated religious comdemnation - give it a few turns and most of my voters forget what the word “god” even means!

ah so that’s why don’t get it

time to turn heaven into a theocratic state :smiling_imp:

It’s not actually all that hard. Ramp up faith schools and school prayers to maximum, and wait. It’s so simple it hurts. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s probably better to leave creationism in the middle. You don’t want the liberals to kill you, do you?

I finally managed to turn my once debt-ridden nation into a utopia last night, picking up six of the eight awards along the way. The remaining two were the arguably negative ones (I think all the others are clearly good, no?) - God’s Kingdom and Police State.

I then managed to shamefully turn the country into a police state (despite it already being free of crime), and was well on the way to God’s Kingdom - Faith Schools, School Prayers twice daily, even setting Creationism all the way to the religious end. (Curiously, the existing total-science approach did not show the red line on the main screen to denote it as having any effect on the religious voters…) I’m sure I was so very close…

And then the game crashed. And my latest save was from the day before. But curiously, when I reloaded that save file, the game remembered that I had achieved the Police State award. I wish the game would have autosaved at the same time as it updated the award status! :frowning: