Away mission doesn't complete.


Everytime the away mission happens, after people died, the button in the corner is stuck in “Processing…” without any ability to continue. So right now, it isn’t possible to continue the game past any away mission.

Sen’t the save game to the email.

I had this happen as well, but my save didn’t allow me to reproduce it (I wasn’t picked for an away mission the next time).

Yep, 1st time it skips on you but some 10-15 days later it happens again and is unskippable. :>

Good news! I’ve worked on a fix for this (it was trying to grab non-existent coworkers for deceased NPCs, don’t ask. :D)

It’ll be available in the next update, which will be available (hopefully) by tomorrow (depending on Cliff, who is no doubt very busy with the exciting Democracy 3 beta release/preorders today!) :smiley:

Yay! Im looking forward to it. :>

That update is live now.