Away on holiday

From tomorrow (October 21st) I’m away on a much needed holiday. As Positech is just a one-man company, there will be nobody checking and replying to emails and posts each day. Apologies for this, but it’s a bit unavoidable :frowning: I’ll deal with any issues that crop up as soon as I get back.

Enjoy! We’ll try holding down the fort while you’re gone…

Alright have a good holiday! :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Looks like cliffski has at least one issue to deal with when he gets back… Friggin’ spambots :\

Any chance of giving some other folks permission to delete spambot posts? They’re friggin’ annoying.

yep, he could probably do with at least one trusted GM to deal with posts like this… Someone who’s been around the forum for a fair while and has a good head on them.

Hmm, did cliffski say how long he’d be away? He could have gone on a 3 year vacation :slight_smile:

I’m back now :smiley:

I guess if nobody else is going to say it then I should:


Wayno, expecting 115 new jobs, 80 new courses, 30 new interests, 23 new books and 2 new golf clubs

Jeez. it never stops does it :smiley:

In Positech Games news today, cliffsky announced that the new Kudos 2 patch will include a new friend named “Wayno,” whose traits will be irritating and irritating. :slight_smile:

The new “Wayno” friend will be unbeatable at Bowling, will reduce kudos and IQ to 0 and is the only friend to have a physical effect on the player’s wellbeing causing irreparable, multiple-organ failure and a slight dizzying effect. On the plus side, the Wayno character is not allergic to pets and will always be willing to let you pay for events.

Wayno, totally not the Wayno in question

If Happy Fun Wayno starts to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Wayno.