Awesome game, few minor issues

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this game or not but decided to give it a go and ended up playing it for hours without even realising! It’s such an interesting idea and you’ve done such a great job at providing all the complexity, yet presenting it in such a clever way that it doesn’t become frustrating. Pure genius!

I do, however, had a few minor issues with the game (though they’re really minor):

  1. Repeating urgent policies - if you play the game and win the election for a second or third time you start seeing urgent policies, that you already answered, popping up again and it’s kind of annoying. It would make sense if these polices were simply being brought up again but it presents them as if they’re brand new. What would be better is if it showed them as a re-occurrence but also showed you what you previously decided. So like; “The issue of fox hunting has come up again, last time this came up you decided to ban it. Should we still keep the ban in place or should we lift it?” or something like that, rather than treating it like it’s a new thing that’s come up.

  2. No tobacco law - I found it odd how Alcohol has its own law that you can adjust but tobacco doesn’t. I mean, you can get people to stop smoking by maxing out the tax but it would be nice to actually have a law option, like alcohol does. I heard that there is a way to ban it but it comes up as an urgent event? - I’m not sure if this is true or not but I’ve not had this come up at all - I’ve just had ones I’ve already decided come up again (as I explain in my first point).

  3. Topic of under age pregnancies/S.T.I’s/etc. - I feel this is kind of a big subject that is left out. I realise that not everything can be covered, as that would be extremely difficult but I feel that the issue of under age pregnancies, STI’s, etc. is kind of a big thing that’s missed out. It would have been cool to have some extra control in that area and maybe even link it in with abortion control or something and have the option to increase awareness by dragging a slider and have like low awareness, making sex education compulsory in schools, providing free contraception, etc.

Anyway, those are extremely minor issues and, aside from the game crashing once when clicking on the ‘Next’ turn button, the game has been great (there was no error for the crash, it just straight up quit to the desktop but the auto-save helped out a lot, as I didn’t lose any progress).

I really just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the developer and all those involved with the project because it really surprised me. It was nice to play something completely different from what I’ve played before and it was presented so well and yet had so much complexity to it, it’s just amazing! I really hope you guys make a ton of money from this game because I think you deserve it :D!

I made the Teenage Pregnancy one, as it seemed like one of the better ideas while also being easy to implement.

Something about press regulation would also be nice I think. It might be nice if public sector pay and pension decisions had to be made, outsourcing to private companies, G4S etc…