B5 Ships and/or Mod

OK, I saw there was a Babylon 5 mod being worked on, but lost due to a crash. Does anyone have the ships and/or a mod converted already?

Actually there are no good mods of Babylon 5. The Reason is simple, ther are not enough ship sprites (and big enough) to make the possibility of a decent mod. I have the starfury fighter sprite, the agamenon sprite, the narn destroyer sprite and 1 or 2 more, but the sprites are just too small. So, sorry but as far as i know there is no possibility to make a good babylon 5 mod, unless u design the whole ship sprites. The older babylon 5 mod that is posted in older posts is not really a great mod, u dont miss anything. BTW, i just did a mod (u can check it out on the first posts) and i included the narn destroyer and the starfury fighter sprites, that are the only ones big enough to appear good on the game.

I’m confused, N3MES1S. Did you mean:

  • there aren’t enough different ships?
  • the artwork we’ve found isn’t high-resolution enough?

I’ve got some artwork I found trawling the 'net a couple weeks ago, Havok. I’d be happy to share it. It needs cleanup and alpha channels.

The spindly nature of the Earth Force capital ships is a concern. What is the trick for making sprites huge? and what was the crash that has to be averted?

It’s no longer an issue, thanks to Cliffski.

Here is a mess of artwork http://drop.io/sradbbo. Maybe you can add alpha channels and make DDS files of them.

Also there is the set of sprites hopefast did of the Narn G’Quan heavy cruiser (both DDS and PNG) and the hull file he wrote.

Those sprites are really small, we cant make a mod with those sprites. And i have a better sprite of the starfury and the narn destroyer, i used em on my galactic concordium mod. If u want to make a mod with only those tiny sprites, u can try but the ships will look awful. Good luck. For example, i will show u the size of the sprite that should be, for the ship to look good on the game: