Babylon 5 Shadows [Mod]?

Is there enough interest to warrant continued expansion of the Babylon 5 Universe?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Pie

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Is their enough interest in the Babylon 5 universe for me to work up the Shadows to a level worthy of putting out there for public consumption?

yum pie also the problem is that it would be so overpowered .. well your going to have to make it overpowerd in order for them to be the shadows :stuck_out_tongue: like 500 damage per laser i guess or 1000 im not sure ..

Yes the Shadows are powerful and hard to kill, but the hulls and components would be expensive limiting their numbers. As seen in the show, given enough ships even Shadow vessels can be destroyed.

mmm… pie… homers food trance

I coudn’t resist xD
But i would vote yes

speaking of which what are you reading there praetor :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should incorporate pie into the mod somehow. :smiley:

Somehow I don’t see the Shadows as pie people. They strike me more as lovers of cake. Devil’s food perhaps.

(On a serious note, I voted yes. I’ll admit that I haven’t pulled down the existing B5 stuff yet, but that’s because of all kinds of conflicting things. I would really like to a) throw my blasters and nukes and what-have-you against the giant space battle-crab-spider-horror nightmares of the Shadows, and b) throw my own giant space battle-crab-spider-horror nightmares at other people.)

pie or cake i would say they have a sweet tooth so they like both also they incorporate these sweet tooths into their cutter beams so they are so damaging because they give the enemy armour diabetes and beacuse of such a paradox the armour never existed so now you know why the shadow cutter beam is so strong :slight_smile:

Here is a what it looks like. The hardest part is balancing it while still being the Shadows, and graphics for modules and “turrets” Which the Shadows don’t really have…

i wont complain about the desighn because that is so spot on its not even funny O_O

For modules in the design screen, I think you can just make half a dozen different icons that look like they’re made of Shadow biotech and assign them as you please.

For turrets, have you thought of using a blank turret file, so that the weapons fire just comes directly from the surface of the ship? Just a thought…

Oh yeah, hull turrets will be blank so the beam comes from the hull… okay it is, lol. The build screens is what I am referring too.

This is the jist of it right now, dis-regard the all numbers…I am playing with them right now. Experimental phase right now folks.

ok the module placement is right :stuck_out_tongue: its always spot on :open_mouth:

For beam weapons you can just set turretsize variable to equal zero. That will make the turret invisible on the hull but still show the blast texture unlike bullet or kinetic weapons.

Yeah, I am good on that, have several “size = 0” turrets on the EA hulls, it is jut finding decent graphics for the modules and turrets in the ship building screen that convey what the module/turret is/does but translates when it is just a few centimeters across:)

I’d say about 724 damage per shot (just to be random :P). but no shields, very powerful,but not indestructable, armour with damage absorbtion of 1000 and call it “Bio-armour”

Shadows Beta…

They are the Shadows…so yeah they are juiced up and in Beta.

That is the Mac Version by the way, if you want to lay it on PC all you have to do is convert the pngs to dds files. May have to replace extensions in the text files…maybe?

the fighter things show up as white squares.

Did you convert them to .dds if on a PC? If so, double check to make sure they decompressed correctly from the zip file. I have had that process go wrong before.