Babylon 5 Wars Mod???

I was wondering if anyone was planning (or in the process of) making a Babylon 5 Mod? Specifically Babylon 5 Wars??

I’d do it myself, but I lack the cool-factor required to do so (I know this for the fact, I even tried and failed epically).

Thanks for your time.

you know, i actually purchased the B5W boardgame and I think that this engine would be well suited to that sort of battle…

Requires limited fire arcs, particularly spinal mounts.

For such a mod (I modded someone else’s B5 mod for Escape Velocity Override) you need to either have no shields and make even the blasters (whatever they get called) as really fast missiles, or set the shields to have a VERY LOW strength, but a sort of fast recharge to represent the “defense grid” shooting down the incoming direct fire.

Of course ideally you’d have newtonian movement.

Here are some vids of my B5 mod.

very nice :smiley:
can i haz?

from what i can see the mod probably does need some rebalancement and stuff but it looks really nice

I want it drools :stuck_out_tongue:

At this time im working on the centauri ships. when i finished this race i upload a setup file you can download.^^

Awesome! Thank you Tezcatlipoca

cool :stuck_out_tongue:
can you tell us which races are already finished?
personally i like Minbari ships, especially the Whitestar (i know its technically Alliance ship,but Minbari built them)

At this time only the shadows and the earth alliance.

Earthalliance ships:


shadow ships:


Earthalliance Weapons and Stuff:

cruiser_2 meter armored hull
cruiser_4 meter armored hull
cruiser_6 meter armored hull
cruiser_10 meter armored hull
cruiser_15 meter armored hull
cruiser_Defense Grid MKI
cruiser_Defense Grid MKII
cruiser_Defense Grid MKIII
cruiser_Heavy Fusion Beam Cannon
cruiser_Heavy Fusion Missile
cruiser_Heavy Plasma Cannon
cruiser_Light Fusion Beam Cannon
cruiser_Light Plasma Cannon
cruiser_Medium Fusion Beam Cannon
cruiser_Medium Fusion Missile
cruiser_Medium Plasma Cannon
cruiser_Small Fusion Missile
cruiser_Twin Particel Beam Cannon
cruiser_Twin Plasma Cannon
fighter_32mm Gatling Rail-Gun
fighter_35mm Pulse Cannon
fighter_40mm Plasma Bolt Cannon
fighter_40mm Pulse Cannon
frigate_Light Pulse Cannon
frigate_Long Range Rail-Gun
frigate_Medium Pulse Cannon

oh well,all the great things start up small :stuck_out_tongue:
looking forward for more updates on your mod, and good luck with it :slight_smile:

Thank you Thunderbird. I´m not the fastest modder. :stuck_out_tongue: I think god things need time to be developed.
So…when you have any ideas what needs to be integrated in this mod…please…post it.
i´m thankfull for any ideas your share with me.^^

well,i would have one idea…
the races in B5 are unbalanced as hell,i would suggest to KEEP it that way
just attach an appropriate price tag to it :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe this is one case where it would be better to wait for the next GSB expansion release,since it will have the price raising attribute included for use by modders

fair. the shadows should be powerful, but they’re old so cost more and have fewer of them.

great idea with the price tag.
now its on my to do list. :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks very nice :smiley:

i just have one big concern…
seems like all the weapons used there from terran side are missiles
now i know that in B5 all projectiles are considered “deflectable” by interceptor point defences, but there wasnt much of an effect for that there…
so either convert some of the weapons to normal “lasers” and sod it,or increase point defence rate of fire a LOT :slight_smile:
also the terran ships didnt have the heavy lasers,but i imagine that will be added at one point or another

ideally i would think that you would need to increase all weapons range significantly,make the “projectile” missiles fly a lot faster and point defence fire much more often… that way you would get the feel of long range space combat while differentiating “missile missiles” from “projectile missiles”
adding smoke trails to missiles like the rapid fire rockets in vanilla have could make it interesting to look at too, but im not sure if you can add smoke trails to a,say,multiple warhead missile without preventing it to split to multiple warheads, or without making it fly around like rockets do instead of the elegant guided curve they regulary have

human ships in B5 did have heavy lasers! their main battle destroyer had 4 heavy directional lasers in the front and numerous smaller pulse lasers along the bow. The Hyperion light cruiser even had rear firing directional beam lasers. Now they might not have been at the power/strength of a Narn heavy cruiser, but the human destroyers packed quite a punch. I’d say missiles were in so far as absent from B5! I can’t think of a situation where missles were used except for when the B5 crew explored the planet they were orbiting…

yeah but you HAVE to use missiles in GSB else you simply cant simulate the interceptor defences
you cant set point defence cannons to fire on laser bolts in this game,so whatever you do,the weapon type for everything needs to be missile

what about changing the graphic that’s fired then from missile to pulse laser? its a start. I haven’t toyed with the various txt files to know if it can be done but from what i have looked at it seems pobbible. (?)