Bad Motivation from the Beginning?

I don’t understand the way that motivation is done in this game. My band improved their musician skills a bit, listened to a record, wrote four songs, practiced those songs, advertised their upcoming performance, and did their first gig. One band member didn’t show up to the first gig because he was so depressed about the band. Huh? They’re about to have their very first gig – who wouldn’t be excited by that? (I didn’t pick any pessimists or any people who were supposed to be cranky – I got peacemakers and articulate people and stuff like that.) It all seems both unrealistic and way too hard to me.

Is there something I’m missing?

Have you been rehearsing somewhere really horrid? its worth treating the band to the occasional better quality rehearsal session whenever you have the money.

Don’t forget to give your people time off. Watch the stress meter in the bottom right. It doesn’t necessarily raise motivation, but I’ve had stressed guys not show up to interviews and such.