[Balance] Blobbing?

Hey there!

I’ve been wondering… so far, the most effective strategy when it comes to deployment seems to be to simply stack all ships in the same place. This creates a great concentration of firepower, and since most fleets seem to be spread out, it means that they enter the gun ranges of all your ships one by one for the most part, each one receiving the full firepower of all ships concentrated in one spot - a sphere of death if you will. Now, I have noticed that ships try to get a measure of distance from one another after the battle begins, but it’s still a very effective tactic. And I haven’t even tried to see what happens if I just don’t give my cruisers any engines… So, wouldn’t it make sense to disallow layering ships on top of each other on the deployment screen to encourage some sort of formations?

Already very much under discussion here :slight_smile: