Balance change proposals. Add your views:

The following balance changes are proposed. Let me know if you disagree:

Defending Mission 3 (Hurtgen Forest) is to be made slightly easier
Defending on Mission 10 (Marche-en Famenne) is to be made slightly harder
Attacking on Mission 11(Fond thoughts of Flers) to be made slightly harder
Laser carbine cost to go up from 3 to 5.
Heavy Pulse laser damage to rise from 6 to 8
Rapid Pulse blaster damage to rise from 4 to 5
Light pulse laser damage to drop from 9 to 6
Salvo interval for incendiary rockets to rise from 300 to 2000
Heavy Missile Rack damage to drop from 68 to 52
HEAP Missile thrower fire interval to rise from 1400 to 1700
Light Missile launcher damage to drop from 38 to 31

I think the idea of laser isn’t so much the light pulse is so good as much as the rest of the lasers are so weak. Salvos might help against shield on a canon, but it doesn’t benefit lasers due to shield damage penalty and low DPS. If you are shooting shields with those salvo lasers you probably lost already.

Also, like most other TD, short range guns need to deal a lot more damage than long range to compensate for their lack of coverage. Since long range deals about the same (if not more) damage than short range (super heavy cannon, light pulse laser, turbo launch, supercool), it leaves short range weapons without a purpose. I looked at the flamer and I don’t see it’s purpose at all.

Aye, something needs to be done about flamers. They do so pitiful damage that they become a burden instead. (They take what, three salvos to finish off infantry.)


interesting, I’ll take another look at flamers, and maybe also submachineguns, which are extremely short range (ditto shotguns). No objections to any of the other changes suggested, i assume?

None that I can see. (Would need in-game testing just to see the effects.)

SMGs and shotguns as it is are still usable IMO, though again, the issue of not being able to deal enough damage to significantly make up for their range comes into play. (Also, they keep getting mowed down by MGs long before they are able to return fire, but that’s another matter.)

Are there any performance fix and crashing issues fix? Suggest let the application use multiple cpu cores

Well if there’s 1 more thing, why is level 5 missiles, which being the best missile by far, not begin nerfed while the rest of the lesser missiles take the axe?

thats about 100,000 times more complicated than you think.
All performance issues I’m aware of seem to be 100% fixed by running steam copies outside of steam. It’s got nothing to do with the actual game performance.

Then there is no way to do something with steam? Screw Valve

I wouldn’t say that all issues are Steam-related.

I am running GTB outside of Steam just so it will run and I get a few crashes if I play for awhile…at least 1-2 times an hour.

Not too keen on the missile nerf, their min range does a good job of giving them a pitfall. I already have to put other weapons systems in between missile units as it is. You are talking about something which has a very narrow window of effective fire solutions already.

True, but missiles also have a pretty good range and are quite effective against a range of units, plus they have splash damage.

the range is a liability due to the fact that it is the edge of a ring which quickly passes by available targets. The only way to reduce the ring is sacrifice the usage of an ability FURTHER decreasing the effectiveness.

You can always cover a missile turret with other missile turrets somewhere else.

In the later defense map, enough enemies exists such that the missiles will always be firing at something anyway, so the minimum range become a non issue.

That said, some of the earlier missile isn’t that good to begin with. It’s the level V missile that is causing problems.

I am not talking about turrets, talking about equipped on a tank. Once the tank moves past a turret there are no targets available inside the min range. If you are going to reduce their damage reduce their weight so that it doesn’t hamstring missile vehicles.

Heavily reducing missile damage may make some of the maps a little unbalanced in favour of attackers - it’s already generally easy to overwhelm a defence, particularly with 3-4 supply trucks and supporting repair trucks.

That doesn’t mean that missiles should be retained at their levels; I’d look to address the effectiveness of repair trucks instead.

I don’t have repair trucks yet(don’t laugh), are they that good?

Lol I just tried the repair trucks and they are just godly.

Give them level 3 engines and level 1 armor for the cheap 316.40 and 4.78 speed… Then I build heavy tanks around the same speed. All I had to do was alternate between 1 repair truck and 2 tanks on the same lane, and the game become super easy even on the hardest difficulty. Often getting over 3x the required victory points. I tried repair tank command tank pattern and that seem to work pretty well too. Although I don’t know how much bonus command truck actually give.

This is a big change seeing as how I barely beat those stages when I do it with tank/mech alternation without repair trucks.