[BALANCE] EU and Immigration

EU membership should increase legal immigration.

I guess giving high immigration rules at start would be enough since amending it costs significantly more PC. afaik EU missions have x2 modifier on the PC cost of immigration rules.

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Hmm…I didn’t know that. But shouldn’t there be some impact on immigration from the EU?

I don’t think EU countries have unique factors in immigration outside being rich & having an open border treaty, and both of them are already in the game.

Yeah, but the immigration laws in game concern external immigration, not internal.

So, maybe the EU should reduce skill shortage, due to the ease of movement of labour.

I see your point but impacts of internal immigration would vary by countries. Germany & France have more immigration influx but Spain & Italy are worrying about brain drain afaik. So I guess this will need further consideration.

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Hmmm…this is true, maybe Cliff can investigate this.