[Balance] in cost of production of componets?

So this might be wrong, since i can’t see the cost of all steps

But I’m at late game where I have all the extra bits and bobs to put in my car so I started looking in to producing the componets of my car myself so I can cut even more cost… but looking at it I’m not sure if I’m going to save money or not from producing the items myself or not

The first thing i looked at was makeing the headlights myself…

So the math i could see is

1 fit lights (max upgraded)
use 6.04sec to construct its step
uses 4 lights and 1 servo

the cost of a light ~100
the cost of a servo ~35
and this is only if i read the graf right… the actual curren cost is not displayed (wish it was) just a graf pointing to somewhere and a max on the graf

makeing the cost of buying the componets ~435

now to the cost of makeing the componets urself
first I don’t see a make servo so that is a componet u have to import (or I’m just missing it)

the make light produce 1 light every 6.4sec
so to make 4 lights every 6.04 sec I need at least 5 to allways have the stock I need

to make 1 light i need 1 glass and 1 steel
price of glass ~28
price of steel ~40

total cost of raw for 1 light is then ~68
so I’m saveing ~32 $ per light i make then right?

this is where I’m not sure if the 5 factories with there power and employees cost is worth it

1 factory = 4 employees and cost 256 power to run

so 5 = 20 employees and 1280 power to run
the power can be coverd by 1 upgraded powerplant that seem to make 1944 power but need 4 more employees
so a toltal of 24 extra workers to make lights

I don’t know the cost of employees (or if it do say somewhere what a employee cost i was unable to find it)
but takeing the numbers of ppl i had hired devided by the last h payment for employees I came up with ~131,4 pr/h in cost

so the cost of makeing lights just for enployees 3153,6 pr/h in employees
I not sure how long an ingame h is in mins but it dont feel that long… looking at the cost and space i need to be able to make them myself I’m not convinsed its worth it…

I was planning to work out the math of all the diffrent cost of makeing the other componets, and see if they might be worth it or not… but at a first glanse the benefit do not seem worth the investment at least for lights…

again I might be missreading the cost from the grafs… and it would be nice if this numbers where much much more clear
in general I do want information to me more clear in the game.
but if I’m totaly wrong on this thing u can just discard this post… I’m just wondering since its realy hard to see a clear benefit over just cramming in more car lines in ur factory for max cars pr/m

Hi, it is a concern that I have addressed partly in 1.06 (might have been earlier) but it may need more balance.
Here are the crude stats.

A light has a total production cost of $89.89. This comes from:

$68 in resources (steel & glass)
$1.866 in rent for the tiles the manufacturing slot takes up
$10.24 in wages assuming employees are always working and efficiency is 100% :smiley:
$9.79 in power costs assuming power is all bought-in and not locally produced.

To simply buy a light costs $105, so there is a definite saving. This is from my design spreadsheet :smiley:

However! Obviously efficiency will not be 100%! and there will need to be some space wastage that increases rent, plus rent may be higher in external extra factory space… so I think it does need some rebalancing. I suspect the easiest system will be to reduce steel and glass costs, as these will feed through into all ‘base’ manufacturing.
I’m very interested to hear what other players think.

Also be aware that many upgrades and improvements are planned to the manufacturing side of the game. The base efficiency of those manufacturing slots will be upgradeable, as will power efficiency and so on.

Hey folks,

balancing the cost is great but i think it makes more sense to wait with it until other features are included.
I’m not sure if it is really useful to such a game to put all the finance and controlling stuff into it as it is in use in real manufacturing.
The question is: Do I need the real cost of self produced at the actual setting or is it enough to have e.g. fixed ratios for the efficency.

Atm I would prefer fixed ratios but I miss one point at cost: the money for the machine itself.
Also I’m not really sure that making all part inhouse should be cheaper in any case. There must be a reason why big car manufacturers are outsourcing their part manufacturing departments.

And maybe in late game the room could be wasted with part manufacturing because of added game elemts like wiring for electricity and networking, pipes for water & wastewater or tracks for waste, recyclables and the people working in the factory.

Kind regards

well I gess i will try and “upgrade” my factory to manufacture all components localy and see if I make more money or not…
and i do agree the best way of makeing it more desireble is to just lower the price on raw materials in general.

atm I’m makeing 1 car ruffly every 5 sec with my factory just with importing stuff… so there is a line at my 1 exporter… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m allmost sure all that space would be better spendt just setting up a 2nd line makeing cars so I make a car every 2,5 sec… but i might be wrong there :wink:

anyhow realy enjoying the game tho. looking fwd to see how it develops. keep up the good work

Outsourcing in real life environment is a strategic decision:

  • saving of overhead costs (for everything you don’t produce yourself, you don’t need a leader, a leader-leader and a leader-leader-leader…)
  • better cost transparency and short term planning
  • use of external know-how
  • less in-house comlexity, more flexibility

there are also various negative effects. In the end the decision is about the company. What do you need in the situation you are in.

Lots of car manufacturers indeed do purches the parts, especially interior and eletrical parts. Why? Because the demand for these components is extremely hard to predict because of the different car variants.
On the other hand, most car manufacturers (at least here in Germany) produce the sheet metal and chassis parts themselves. The demand for these parts is a lot easier to predict.

I expect these kind of decisions to be made in Production Line in some time. But in my oppinion there are other priorities right now. Bug-Fixing. Fixing the ratios. More detailed infos about the actual processing times, not just load percentages. And after all this we can think about the outsourcing/insourcing problem.