[balance] turboshields

I’m just wondering here

But what if the turbo shield is to be Nerfed even harder

But in exchange it can deflect rockets

Kinda like the deflection shield for frigs

Except harsher panelties since the ability to deflect rockets shouldn’t be taken lightly




How do you propose to do that, gunnyfreak? Frigate turboshields are already pretty thin on features, to put it mildly.

OK, you want to boost shield resistance from 7 to at least 12, which is the shield penetration rating for fighter rockets. The darn shield is already only a handful of points stronger than the Type 2 shield’s 70 strength. Shall we make turboshields weigh more? Recharge slower? Cost more? Eat up a hell of a lot more power?

Remember: once you do this, there’s a high chance it’s going to practically obsolete all other frigate shield choices overnight, all for the sake of avoiding the dreaded rocket-fighter spam - and costing some unspecified but possibly large penalty. I know that kind of spam is a big problem in the campaign game. Maybe buff that resistance rating, but (pulling a number out of my butt) make turbos cost 150% more, or even double? I dunno. There are players who might still gladly purchase immunity from rocket-fighter spam even at triple the cost of the vanilla turboshields. And what other anti-frigate weaponry (if any) are you buying immunity from via this change? Check out that angle, too, before you decide on your penalty.

When rocket-fighters come ringing your doorbell, they often do so not by the dozens but by the hundreds. I think that somehow trying to “bribe” them info ineffectiveness is good if it saves your fragile groups of frigates…but then we’re potentially letting frigate spam rule the campaign. I’m not a big fan of that, either. :confused: The kiddie fairytale about the Pied Piper of Hamelin comes to mind…

Well, i follow the opinion of Archduke Astro : if you give Turbo shields the ability to deflect rockets, it will become the only option for frigates, making all other shields useless. Giving immunity to your worst menace is a bit too much, right ? As if you gave to cruiser a shield that protects against MWM or Ion cannon…

I suppose that the maximum resistance you can give to turbo shields is 11 or 12 - giving immunity to Smallbeam - nice bonus, but not good enough to unabalance anything.

It’s true that as is, Turbo shields are completely useless (unless you like to play with a handicap :slight_smile: )

The only counter to 0.89 frigate spam now are dual rocket/painters and pulse lasers, and the swarm 0.6 EMP frigate spam can pretty much stunlock cruisers as is.

You give frigate 13 shield resistance and they will no longer have a counter, and instantly become unstoppable even if each turbo shield only has 30 shield strength. I made something similar for my Ancient mod and end up removing it because it was so overpowered.

what if they only have like 10 shield strength?

so basically you can counter the dreaded rocket fighter spam but when you meet anything slightly larger than that you re basically screwed?

The problem is that frigates can stunlock most of the cruisers while enjoying immunity from fighters. They practically take no damage except from another frigate spam.

Then there’s the Tribe frigate spam, which could care less rather their shield breaks in 1 hit or 1 hit…


I c I c

let’s say you have 50 dual rocket fighters, 3 squads and change. that’s 100 shots per interval, which since there’s the 2% chance on everything means at 10 HP, they’ll just require a full sweep or two before they die.

I’m surprised… Critical hits also work on shields ? I never noticed that …

most people don’t
it’s been confirmed somewhere, and if you run FT swarms enough you’ll see ships lose shields BEFORE they die (very very rarely, though!)

Because shield can NOT be crit. Simple as that.

Don’t take my word for it. Run the test yourself.

  1. Make a map with -99% shield penalty, max pilot/credit
  2. Deploy 1000 dual rocket fighters, send it to yourself
  3. Deploy 1 cruiser with a light shield and no weapon
  4. Leave it on until you are convinced that shield cannot be crit

I know of this

I think when the shield module goes down

The shield it generates automatically lose all resistance and maybe recharge

That might be what happened


If I’m reading this right, then I think I know the answer.

I typically put on my cruisers one Multiphasic Shield and one Reflective Shield (following 123stw’s advice, if memory serves). When the Reflective dies, whatever is left of the Multiphasic goes down very rapidly. For instance, I’ve seen (when I had both generators up and running) the shield easily deflect FL shots when in the middle of a FT swarm. When the Reflective Shield dies, the Multiphasic is shredded because of the fact that the Reflective is no longer “providing” resistance.