Balanced Fleet Challenge Option

A couple things I think might be useful for challenges:

  • Balanced Fleet option. A slider that limits both min and max percentage of ships allowed in a challenge. A default of - say - 10% minimum and 50% maximum. So you’d have to have at least 10% each of your fleet as fighters, frigates, and cruisers. The current percentages for each ship type would need to be shown on the deployment screen so you can see how many more (or fewer) ships you’d need to comply with the limits.

  • Minimum (and perhaps maximum) speed of all craft. Like the ‘engine required’ spatial anomaly, this would more specifically limit the choice of spacecraft that can be used in a challenge. We can already agree to do this when playing a challenge of course, but this would conveniently enforce it.

  • Chris

This, and perhaps being able to post challenges that screen for equipment use like supply limits in some scenarios–one does get tired of Spam X vs. which one is obliged to trot out Spam Y. . .

I’m sure this has been mentioned before in another thread…


Just adding a few more here rather than start another thread.

  • On the Challenges list, is there a way to indicate by background color (e.g. grey) which challenges have already been played?

  • Challenges are always re-sorted by date; it’d be nice if they could stay sorted by map, enemy, etc. once you go back to that screen.

  • The Tab (or whatever it’s called) on the scrollbar can get a bit small on large lists and is difficult to grab with the mouse sometimes (often end up clicking the scroll arrow instead).

  • Possible for a page up / page down option on the scroll bars rather than always moving one listing at a time?

  • Chris

Not to mention that they are always re-sorted by date in ascending order rather than most to least recent (which is how I prefer them). It would be nice if the game could “remember” the way you left the list and bring it back that way.

I’ll second that

Understood, this sort of things always ends up being forgotten, and I should definitely stick it on the list…