Balanced Frigate Fleet

With the changes to 1.37 I thought I’d give some Frigate fleets a try.

Map: Balanced Fleet. 4581906
3200m map. 30,000 points. 101 pilots.

The two restrictions (that you have to enforce yourself) are simple: All craft must have a minimum speed of 0.10. The number of Frigates must be greater than the number of Cruisers.

This should hopefully get frigates more involved but still allow lots of flexibility in the fleet. Cruisers can’t dominate, but Beams become important again (as more than just clean-up). Fighters can’t swarm, but 101 pilots should allow for some bomber squadrons if you so desire.

Pure Frigate and pure Fighters are allowed, but not necessarily desirable. :slight_smile:

Don’t retaliate; post any successful fleets as a Challenge for All.

Good luck.

  • Chris

My second Balanced Fleet. Fewer Cruisers, more Fighters, more carnage!

Map: Balanced Fleet. 4582275.

  • Chris

I defeated your first balanced fleet, and posted my fleet as “Zazmios Alliance Fleet”.
All ships move at least .10 and frigates outnumber cruisers.

Balanced Fleet 3 posted. Much more Frigate heavy.

Map: Balanced Fleet. 4582536

  • Chris

Whoops! I used one of the Tribe backgrounds for this custom battle, so if the background is white it’s because you don’t have the Tribe expansion. It should still be playable, it just won’t look very good. I assumed the game bundled the background with each Challenge. Guess not. Sorry about that.

  • Chris

Balanced Fleet 4 posted. Swarm!

Decent fleet, but doesn’t beat all. Cool new weapons, and they look good even while dying.

Map: Balanced Fleet. 4583207

  • Chris

instead of making ppl enforce their own rules and have more frigate than cruisers, y dont ppl actually try 2 make frigates useful in some ways…

Balanced Fleet 5 posted. Tribal edition.

Map: Balanced Fleet. 4583626

BTW, in addition to Zazmio’s Alliance Fleet (4582288) there’s also Corbeau’s Swarm: 4583211.

  • Chris