balancing custom maps


just making my first custom map here, looking for advices:

what’s a good defence/offence supply ratio? (I know it varies by terrain, any good rule of thumb people learned to share?)
personally prefered duration?
any other tips for the sake of balance?

thx in advance



I’ve just made my first custom map. The only metachanges I made were to the attacker/defender supply ratio. The map (Vimy) originally had 31/16, IIRC (was definitely very close to 2-1 in favour of the attacker) which I changed to 55/25. The seemingly small change in favour of the attacker really made a difference to the difficulty level, as well as making for a more fast-paced game. I’d say tweaking that ratio and multiple replays of your own map are best way to balance things. Changing the difficulty level would seem like a good option too, but I haven’t really played around with that yet.


Same here, I’ve found it best to try the map several times to work out if it needs adjusting. Which isn’t exactly a hardship :smiley:
I also find there is always one tree, or a bit of barbed wire or similar which I forgot to mvoe, so multiple playthroughs before issuing any challenges is probably a good idea, in any case (if you want a high-quality looking map…)