[Balancing] Three is the Magic (and easy) Number


I just played the last mission in the beginner tier. So far I’ve got Master on the other 4 missions in this tier, but the 4th was literally by the skin of my teeth (for which I believe there is a drug, incidentally).

Going into the 5th and last mission in this tier I expected a challenge… but here is a screenshot of the results.

After 6 months I had scored Master on the mission. Upgrading 3 drugs to level 2 and exporting was not a major challenge, crtainyl not as challenging as the preceding 2 missions… I hadn’t even finished researching the Aglomorator.

Whilst I am proud of my achievement, and I’m sure that I probably had a lucky roll with the ingredients, I do feel this level could have been harder, perhaps by forcing certain ingredients that required more processing, or something to that effect.

Just my 2c worth! :slight_smile:

Loving the game… totally hooked… developing Anti-BigPharma-Addiction drug… result contains many side-effects


PS… anyone need any second-hand evaporators?


Yeah I agree that this level is way too easy. I could see a few ways of fixing it. My favorite would required you to supply a certain number (let’s say 300) of 3 different kinds of level 2 meds. The objectives window could figure out the three most supplied level 2 drugs and display bars for them. The problem, I’m willing to bet, with doing this is that the objectives window bars are statically loaded at the beginning of the game and there is currently no infrastructure in place to change what information they are polling.


Alternatively they could specify the cures that need to be created, but not where they appear in the ingredient tree… similar to the level before, but rather than specifying a quantity you just have to produce all three drugs at the same time