Hi Cliff and community of Democracy 4. In Italy and I believe all over the world if you get below 50% you go to the ballot. I know it’s hard to do and in the mod tools Cliff is making you won’t be able to do it, but could you have a second election if you’re under 50%?
X takes 45%
Y takes 39%
Z takes 22%

only X and Y show up on the ballot.

It can be done?

See you later!!!


I’m confused with what will this help the gameplay?

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Not all things have to help in the game, some things can increase the realism. If I have to find a reason why it should help the game it would be for realism and for having an overall winner. Maybe if the score makes you do a coalition you don’t have the ballot but if, like, the score is too far away but 50% lower, you do. Democracy 4 is a very big game and it would be nice to make it at least more detailed than Democracy 3, it’s a lot more detailed but that would be very nice and very realistic. We don’t have to play a 1: 1 game and I don’t think ballot would make the game 1: 1. So these are the reasons.

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