Ban Oil & Ban NG Policies

A good complement to Ban Coal.

Do the clean energy subsidies cover all renewables?

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Well if the GDP pummels the environment then surely not.

How so? Are CO2 emissions linked to the environment in game?

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The GDP is not directly linked to any environmental issues, the GDP just affects the environment which I assume it means factories producing goodies

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I don’t like that, what does the GDP do directly do damage nature?

Pollution, resource overuse/abuse, etc.

That can be modified via green policies, right?

It’s not necessarily a link, yes, but without regulation, gdp just means companies are putting output, profit and productivity over all else.

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Bingo, so cliffski just needs to modify the input towards GDP affecting the environment regarding the green policies.

I guess you should take it up with him. It could also be that through voluntary regulation, economic actors could improve their behaviour, or that could be too idealistic? Alternatively, cultural education towards being knowledgeable about these behaviours could preclude regulation.

Well, the point of this game is real-life realism.

I guess. Although regulatory facilitation through cultural education, would that be so unrealistic?

Well, I assume this means trying to culture people.

Ahhh yes! Civic education!

Can’t be called unculture swine when you are attending cultural education

What swine! Lolling about in the mud! Let’s be enemies of fun! :joy: