Banana republic (developing country/faulty democracy) simulation

Something wonky is with your blog…
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So I’ll post thread here.
Proper Banana Republic simulation would be nice.
That is democratic corporatism, theocracy, oligarchy, state capitalism and so on.

Currently game seems to simulate only healthy democracies like those on top of this list:

There could be other simulated indexes too:

Of course they could be abstracted to three:
Democracy health - stability, corruption, political freedom, personal freedom.
Society health - inequality, wealth/income of three classes, health, education, environment
Economy health - GDP per Capita, technology, productivity, inflation, unemployment, debt, bureaucracy intensity, taxes.
Situations - good and bad would affect one or more indexes here.
They all would affect happiness of various voter groups, and maybe immigration and business confidence.
Some extreme policies could affect index too.

Guessing countries a bit:
High Democracy/Economy/Society health would mean country like Nordic ones, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Japan
Moderately high in all three would be USA, rest of Europe, South Korea and so on.

Democracy simulation (D3 Africa) is good political freedom simulation.
Personal freedom would be affected by policies used to combat crime and terrorism among other things.
Some policies from Extremism would be here too.

Difficulty setting would act as damper for feedback loops - max difficulty meaning no dampening of feedback loops or even strengthening them.

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