Bartending seems a bit out of wack..

Just started a new game. With no skills and low happyness and low confidence i’m still makeing 55.58 pounds a day (48.37 was the tip). Do bartenders really make more then doctors in this town?

Great game by the way!

Eeek, tips have been set way too high on the bartender job. I’ll fix it, if you do an internet update, delete the bartender job and redownload it, itll be fixed.

The tips line, is that a range or a total value? I assumed it was a total value, making the tips coming in per day 3.75. Judging by the new value, I’ll assume I was wrong, and I had a tip range from 3 to 75. My bad. :blush:

heh. I must do a jobs tutorial. Had server problems today, maybe tommorow.