Basic Information about the game

Ok everyone, welcome to the BigPharma discussion forum, this is the place for all your comments, questions, feedback and tech support requirements for the game.

Common Questions:
Is the game available on Mac/Linux/IOS?
NO. Not yet, during the beta it’s in windows only I’m afraid…

How much does the game cost.
During beta the game is 20% off and is $19.95, this will rise to $24.95 once the final game is on sale. This doesn’t include any local sales tax that may be applicable in your country.

Who made the game?
Is was designed and developed by Twice Circled and published by Positech Games.

I am a youtuber, is it ok for me to monetize lets-play videos about the game?
Yes it is :smiley:

When is the game released on steam?
Soon. In the meantime, if you buy now you get a downloadable copy, and a steam key you can use once the game is released on steam, so there is no reason to wait :D.

Your BMT micro site says “Order a second copy as a gift for 50% off”

I’m assuming you pay full whack for the first one, which is normal. That’s fine.

Except the site is charging full whack for BOTH

Might want to fix that!

Yeah we are fixing that now…

Good, I want to throw my money at the screen, y’know…

And its… FIXED

Loving it so far. Are you planning on making the game easily moddable?

Edit: Actually, looking at the game files, it already looks pretty heavily moddable… Sweet!

Just wanted to inform you. When I finished downloading the game Chrome told me ‘BigPharma_Installer.exe may harm your browsing experiance, so Chrome has blocked it.’

It was perfectly fine after I went into downloads and clicked ‘Recover malicious file’, but it might put off other people, so it might be worth fixing.

I’ve only played through the tutorial, but I love the game so far. Only thing I would love to see would be a borderless windowed mode if that is possible.

I got the same thing on both my work machine (Win 8.1) and home PC (Win 7) - both latest stable Chrome.

On another note: Are there any plans for map / scenario editors?

Chrome is basically being an ass, and because the exe is ‘new’ it is automatically assuming it must be malware (which is so dumb…i mean…malware isn’t exactly new right?’ adding insult to injury, we actually (at great expenses) always digitally sign our installers so they can be 100% guaranteed to have been produced by us and not tampered with. You have to go through certification nonsense to do that…and yet still chrome assumes its dodgy…

Anyway, as I recall, after a few days chrome sees enough of these downloads that it will realise its ok (which again, is a flawed assumption but hey…). In the meantime, its annoying because understandably it makes people panic, but don’t worry, its just our game :D.

On the note of Let’s Plays - I assume the music is all done “in house” so there won’t be any problems with Copyright claims from 3rd party artists? That has always been a huge problem with games that license music from third parties (Tropico series springs to mind)

We absolutely definitely have not claimed any copyright youtube-wise, and would fight any claim that suggested we have, so yup, you can definitely stream the game on twitch, or make youtube videos of the game. If either of them tell you otherwise, point them at me (cliff AT positech dot co dot uk) and I will sort it out.

Question: How do we know when there’s a new build available for download (during beta and beyond)?

I subbed to Tim’s YT channel, but beyond that I have no idea how to get news info about the game. There didn’t seem to be any newsletter option and with a one-man shop I know there is little time for the PR side of things.

Hi there! Don’t worry, the game actually has a built-in updater, so if when the game starts up there is a new build, it will automatically display this on the main menu and give you the option to download the update or skip it.

Will save files transfer from the downloaded copy to the Steam version once activated?

Which… Norton 360 flagged as a virus and auto-quarantined. LOL!

Do you have a roadmap for the game or is it sort of just coming along as it comes along?

I don’t really know how to do modding but I have to take a pharmacy exam in the next 6 months and I was thinking to mod in drug names in the appropriate classes as a way to pretend I am studying. e.g. salicilates as painkiller ingredients, sodium bicarb (TUMS) for stomach ache and omeprazole for ulcers would be ones I can think of off the top of my head.

I’m enjoying the game btw, I’ve played a couple of your games and I enjoy the diversity of mechanics and theme. Looking forward to future patches!

Yup, they should work just fine.

Thanks for answering these FAQ…:slight_smile: Really a helpful post.