Basic interface suggestions

As the subject suggests, some basic interface suggestions:

a) A “clear hull” button on the ship design screen. It removes all the modules currently installed so you get a blank-slate.

b) Ability to “copy” a ship with at most 2 mouse clicks on the fleet deployment screen. This copies the orders etc too.

c) Ability to toggle tool-tips, as well as the delay-to-show them.

d) Ability to “clear deployment”.

While we’re on it, better keyboard compatibility with the menus would be nice. Its difficult to say exactly which menu needs what, but in short, the entire menu should be navigable with the arrow keys, tab, return and escape. About half of the menu currently is, and the other half is not (most noticeably, the hull selection list).

I’d like the fighter quantity slider to work like the ship type targeting sliders - you can click anywhere on the bar and the slider will move. Right now you have to click on the slider and actively drag it to where you want it.

A default squadron size slider on the left would be even better =].