Battery production, more SFX and GUI improvements. Updated to build 1.53, Wednesday 27th June 2018


Hi again everyone! This is another update to the game with a list of varied improvements and tweaks. We fixed some stockpile bugs which will be a relief to people with large factories, introduced a few GUI improvements, and added a new battery-production pipeline for electric cars, new SFX and more. Full list:

  1. [Feature] Added screenshot and new post-card mode screenshot buttons to the top of screen button GUI.
  2. [SFX] Added a whole bunch of new sound effects in the factory.
  3. [Bug] Extra text on the vehicle warning ‘slot requirements not met’ is now correctly displayed.
  4. [Content] New scenario added for the giant map.
  5. [GUI] Vehicle notices now have a mini-vehicle rendered next to the text to make it clear they are specific to that vehicle.
  6. [GUI] Scenario objectives window now pops up whenever one of the objectives is met.
  7. [GUI] Vehicles and slots now have different shaped icons for warnings and errors when zoomed out.
  8. [Sounds] Improvements to the code for factory sounds that makes them much more positionally sensible.
  9. [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpiles might not order items that were second or later on their list in certain specific circumstances.
  10. [Balance] Increased purchase cost of research facilities of both types by 10%.
  11. [Balance] Reduced the delay at a game start before AI competition arrives.
  12. [GUI] Enhanced the ‘waiting for resources’ notice so that it now shows icons for what resources are missing.
  13. [GUI] Save game dialog now defaults to a save name with date, time and company name in it.
  14. [GUI] Prices screen on the finance window now shows current wage and power costs and wage pressure history over time.
  15. [GUI] Fixed graphical bug where some modal tutorial windows would prevent scrolling but not zooming, resulting in graphical corruption on map.
  16. [Content] New battery production slots and research!

Hope you like these changes, and dont forget to vote on your priorities for the next update from the games main menu. If you like the game, we really appreciate a steam review, or if you tweet about the game, or mention it to your friends. Thanks :smiley:

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thank you for this great game.

keep up the good work,

kindly consider my suggestion for improvements.
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