[Battle] Blood Bath (crazy deployment limits)

Ok this game is the most insane thing i’ve played since Supreme Commander and since i saw the destruction in Red Faction: Guerilla…
First few missions, meh, cool game… Then i poked around in the files and saw how moddable it was, and i was stunned…
Sure its 2D, but i dont care when it looks this good, and runs so smoothly with so many units, unseen in other games…
Anyway on to this scenario / battle, its just a simple “crazy battle” setting as i tested things out.

Baleur’s Blood Bath
Size: Large
Fleet Cost Limit: 400,000
Pilot Limit: 1,500
You are the captain aboard the finest flagship ever constructed, in fact constructed for this very purpose. To secure your species a safe place in the galaxy.
After years of skirmishes, decimated worlds and searching, one of the millions of probes sent into the deepest reaches of the galaxy core finally revealed the position of the Reaper core fleet.
The machines who plagued the galaxy for eons, eliminating any organic life they could find. This is a fight for the galaxy.
This is a fight for our right to exist!

baleur_bloodbath.rar (3.65 KB)
Extract the .rar straight into your game folder, no files will be overwritten, will appear in your ingame battle list at the very bottom.
Have fun (after your looong deployment time)!!

PS: this game REALLY needs some way to copy ships / orders, or some sort of shift-drag to place 10 ships at once in a nice vertical row or something for future crazy maps and mods like this. If this amazing engine can handle it, we must use it! Drag-dropping ships 1 by 1 just aint enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. It’s quite possibly the most Gratuitous battle I’ve ever played.

Right-click on the ship you want to deploy and choose “mass deploy” from the popup menu. That’ll let you place 1 ship per click. Also, you can right-click on an individual deployed ship to save its current orders as the default for that design. These two tools (which need to be more obvious, since we get questions about them all the time!) are super-handy for getting deployments done quickly.

@Supraluminal - check the date on the OP xD

Oh, hah. The bump made me assume it was new! :-p

Hmm. It doesn’t seem to be working for me. There’s just the manual, uninstall GSB, and GSB beta. I downloaded the blood bath, but I don’t know how to activate it. It sounds awesome, how can I download it? BTW I’m using a Mac OS X with crossover games 8. i also have a PC, but when i extract it into the game folder, (I change the file to be always available; i can’t get past emerald nebula) it doesn’t make a difference! I also have version 1.14 of GSB.

just extract it to your gsb directory. it’s in the normal battles list.

but i have mac os x, i don’t think there IS a directory.

As I said in the other thread, there will be a hidden folder, probably in your home directory (it’s .wine for Wine; I imagine Crossover will do something similar) containing a drive_c folder which will contain your GSB install. There should be menu shortcuts to your Crossover C drive or you can try looking for the folder yourself.

alright, i’ll try it. thx :slight_smile:

Is there any program other than Winzip to extract the file into the game folder? Crossover doesn’t seem to be able to download Winzip…

Try 7-zip.


i used it, and it extracted into the game folder… only there’s one problem… The game starts, but the changes are not seen! any reason why?

hmm… now that i’ve tried different mods and such, i have one conclusion: .rar files don’t work at all for me.

Are you using enough late version of WinRAR or ZipGenius?

I have a MAC OSX with a PC emulator, i just need to drag it into the folder i need to extract it to, and it works. except .rar. what i need is plain text. EDIT: Nope, it works now. I had to actually extract it into the game folder, which i don’t usually have to do. now to DESTROY the reapers and burn their ashes…