Battle los angeles hype thread!

i am EXTREMELY hyped about the upcomming movie “world invasion: battle los angeles”

the trailer says “03.11.11” but on several other sources suggest otherwise. anyone know what date the movie will come?

it will come i two weeks(trademarked by Pal star Makers of Darkspace)

Back story on the two weeks, There was a bug ion Darkspace and a they told us it will take em two weeks to fix it. Two YEARS passed before it was fully fixed. And the whole two weeks™ was coined.

I use ™ as i can never remember the dang alt+number code for it… >.<

ok, thanks!

i guess that means that it will come to sweden in five weeks -.-

According to this…

… it will come to Sweden the 20th of april.

I normally only use IMDB for easily knowing when the hell a film is coming to Spain from all the different dates that each film ends up having for different countries. That and seeing if the translators have failed, again, when translating the title of a film to Spanish. Forgetting half of the title is rarely seen though…

again, thanks!

my movie theather says 23rd… Gah! i guess im going to look every day if it is comming tomorrow ^^