battle wont launch

hi, i have download the demo couple of hours ago, at first the game didnt work at all whenever i clicked on any menu like design ship battle … the game crashed but i repaired that by just entering 0 in the program, well it worked i designed the ship chused the mission have set the fleet at the right way and then when i click on battle the game loads and then asks me to click any key when i do that the game crashes i tryid it 3 times again and the same happens again

at the end i get a send error report and the game shots down.

any sugestion how to solve this problem

sorry if this was alredy posted but i have search over 30 min for any clue for this problem and i didnt find it

The game writes any error messages to files here:

\program files\gratuitous space battles\debugdata

Your best best is to email the files in that folder to me at

i have search for it but cant find it

if you bought the game from steam or elsewhere, it may be somewhere else. Have you found the main game folder with GSB.exe in it?