Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet Mod - Please Help!

She’s just about finished, just need to fine tune a couple of things then I can start uploading it. Which might prove to be a problem as I’ve got a terribly slow internet connection.

Dont know if this will work… but after much trial and error and grinding of teeth… I present to you, The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet ship pack for Gratuitous Space Battles. … k7fucej2yj

*New weapons based on equipment seen on the show plus logical additions based on their technology and versatility required by a combat fleet.

*Examples: Gauss cannons, Rail guns, conventional artillery, kinetic weapons, flak batteries, gatling guns, emp warheads, missiles, torpedoes, rockets, nukes, bombs, knives, clubs, rocks, and sharpened sticks.

*All the ships in the Colonial Fleet as seen on the Re-imagined TV show and a couple from TOS. Plus other hypothetical ship classes based on contemporary naval vessels in WW2.

*Examples: Battlestars, Battlecruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Light Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigate/Destroyer Escorts, Escort Carriers, Fighters, Shuttles, Bombers, plus Civilian craft.

*New sounds and cannon flash graphics, New turrets and module icons.

*New modules and components: Engines, Armour, EMP shielding, Damage control teams, Hanger deck crew, DRADIS scanners, Electromagnetic Pulse Generators, Crew quarters, ect.

*Ships, Weapons and Equipment balanced with other races in the fields on DPS, Cost, Weight, Hit points, and effectiveness.

with new Scenarios to follow. A Cylon mod should follow soon given their lack of variety of ships, fighters, and weapons.

Just need to finish the text files for 3 or 4 civilian ships and she’s all done.

Comments and Questions are welcome… as are suggestions and feed back, This is my 1st attempt at a Mod so it’s bound to have some quirks.

This looks shiny! :slight_smile: I look forward to playing around with the colonials. Nice work!

This is pertinent to my interests.

they may not stay shiny for long… negative shield bonuses for all ships eh… cept the TOS Galactica.

With there only being 3 classes of ships, I’m trying out a scheme where different classes of chips will only have the power to mount weapons designed for them and smaller ships. So you wouldnt be able to mount say… an 1800mm gauss cannon to a light cruiser. Or even a heavy cruiser turret to a light cruiser.

I’m also trying out a bit that seemed to make sense at the time… Frigates and Destroyers firing the same missiles as larger ships… like they do on our planet. But being smaller, they just do it at a slower rate of fire. I give even the smallest civilian ship a surprising sting. Those damn humans can be really resourceful when they need to be.

Perhaps set extremely high power costs, and give the ‘larger’ ships a default power output to support several of these weapons.

Yup, thats the route I went. Since battlestars have their own armor and engines… they have uber power reqs too. But the ships dont have enuf juice to max out all the mods and weapons with battlestar stuff. Usual load out is maybe 6 main weapons, 4 engines, and 4 armor. the rest being filled with flak guns, missile defense, damage control, landing bays, ect ect

Battlestars have a lot of slots… but they have a high cost… 10 points per slot x 2.

I couldnt figure out a way to make the point defense guns look similar to gatling guns, so they just look like yellow lasers.

perhaps on the beam effect .dds file, you could make a small projectile in the center surrounded by alpha so it looks like a stream of bullets. check out the modding guide to see how to make beam effects,

Well don’t nuke things too much, what I did was packaged a recommended load out for each hull in the B5 mod. I have no idea if anyone followed the suggestions, but hey I did my part to offer a show accurate mod.

where is cylons, i want cylons

lol, same here, i tend to like more Cylon Designs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on the Cylons too eh. I’ve got the graphic work done on most of them, just need to write up the txt files and balance stuff out.

I dont know how good either mod will be, but I can assure you it will be more entertaining than Galactica 1980.

Nice! I cant wait to fill everything with missiles =D

Add a custom bullet texture, set the size fairly small and the rate of fire really high with frequent salvos:)

Disregard the above comment. The Point defense is a beam weapon, and I didn’t have a lot of success changing the art to bullets…the code stretched them out making them look silly.

I just made the beam width 0 and gave it a sound going “pew pew pew pew”

I’m actually having a blast trying to adapt different facets and tools of this game to mimic different stuff and what not.

I’m disabled and quite ill (in the head as well)… it gives me something to do when I’m not drawing things that might get me in trouble with the mods if I were to post them here.


hope to be finished soon…

I had thought I’d balanced things out well, but I feel things are a bit too one sided the majority of the time.

Well if you need help let me know. I am not the greatest, but willing to interject my opinion whenever I can:D

Sorry for the delay guys… health problems and a hospital stay kinda ruined my modding groove.

Did manage to make some turrets with a more uniform look to them… and figure out a logical way for the 4 different types of weapons to have different levels of effectiveness against shields and armor and such.

I do need some suggestions on uploading stuff. I’m out in the boonies with Hughesnet Satellite. They have an upload/download cap plus slow speeds that only become tolerable between 2am and 7am.

I’ve never uploaded a mod like this, so I’m still in new territories here.

If you have a laptop take it to town and sit next to an establishment with free wifi:) Public libraries, fast food, coffee houses typically have free wifi.

Is there any estimate on when this mod will be available? I’m REALLY looking forward to using this more than anything I’ve seen before.