Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet Mod - Please Help!

I too am excited about this mod:)

It is my intention to begin uploading everything this week. Given my slow connection and lack of mobility it will have to be done in chunks.

Any suggestions on the best way to do this? There are a bunch of storage websites out there, I just dont have any experience with them.

The final tally is:
50+ ships
132 weapons and modules
10+ fx graphics
10+ new sounds
a readme file describing the alternate universe premise of the mod
and hopefully a scenario or two.


I would folder everything up properly except the Bitmap folder and upload it marked that it is text only, break up the bitmap folder into manageable bits. EX:
BSG Frigates, BSG Cruisers, BSG Fighters, FX, UI, Modules and Turrets, etc. I hope that makes sense. Depending on the amount of sounds/music you might need to break out the sound folder also.

Would you like me to email it to you in chunks and try it out?

Sure:) PM Sent

I sent them in 15 rar files prolly bout 13 megs total… labeled each rar files with the name of the folder they need to go in.

also put together a lil readme file to describe the premise of why the colonial fleet wasnt toasted by the toasters… yet. … k7fucej2yj

Dont know if this will work… but after much trial and error and grinding of teeth… I present to you, The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet ship pack for Gratuitous Space Battles.

I have the stuff downloaded I will compile everything tonight and see how it goes.

No one is saying anything… did my mod kill everyone off!!!

Sorry, I turned in early last night. BUT, I did get the mod functional on my Mac:) It has some bugs so far that I am working on tracing down such as turret mapping errors, few missing sound files, FX files, slot types.

My initial response is the Galactica hull (I forget the class) has about twice as much power as it needs and it seems to set off chain reaction destruction of friendlies who are too close. Again it seems to, I can’t prove it yet but I do believe someone posted that having huge power supplies can cause that. I literally just tried the Galactica hull and the Viper MkII… and a few modules each. I am encouraged so far:)

remember what happened when the Pegasus went down?

did it say which sounds or turret mappings were missing?

try adding these

create a folder named “icons” in the data/bitmaps folder and put these in there…

I’m having serious issues just getting the mod to work. I’ve downloaded and unzipped the files into all the folders as they should be (as far as I know), so I don’t know why it isn’t showing up in the game :frowning:

I renamed the race file and made install files. If Porkchop is cool with it I can throw what I have together and upload it as a complete mod that does function. Now there may be quirks where stuff is missing, etc. But I can put up a download, instal and go version to make it easier on folks to try and offer feedback on. It is a job sorting everything, lol.

That would be cool. I’m pretty new both to GSB mods and mods in general, though I’ve gotten a couple of others to work. I think the sheer number of folders in the first download that threw me. Apart from that I’m looking forward to having a go, and by looking at the massive number of modules/weapons/ships that are included, I can tell PorkChop really put a lot into making this :slight_smile:

My OCD precluded the chance of a small mod. I suppose making a Colonial Cruiser Other Can opener might have been a bit unnecessary.

Did you put the Colonial and Federation txt files into the data/races folder?

I did indeed, but still no joy. I’ve gone through all the folders and they are all as they should be, compared with the folders containing other mods I have running and DLC ship packs like the Parasites/Nomads etc, and I can’t find anything that looks wrong.

Not sure what to tell you bro, I installed a copy of the game and loaded in everything I had uploaded… thus far… everything goes boom where its supposed too…

although you’ll need to go into the txt file for the Nova Class Battlestar and change one line to nova class so it’s in line with the nova class and nova class

this contains the blue engine glow and the bullets (make sure you back up the original)