Just got Tribes and made this ship (no idea how optimal it is, but it seems to work fine in campaign missions):

Tribe Harmony Cruiser hull
3x Cruiser Howitzer, mounted on the bow
4x Cruiser Autocannon mounted on the sides in the middle
1x Carrier Bay (reinforced)
2x Reinforced Powerplant II
2x Tribal Repair System
1x Ultraheavy Armor
3x Cruiser Engine 3

This guy has 4122 hitpoints, 3.5 armor (just enough to repulse the smallest fighter laser, IIRC), 0.19 speed, and eats enemy fighters for breakfast. Against other cruisers, as long as the Howitzers can take down the shields it actually does pretty good DPS. And it looks and fights a lot like a battlestar :smiley:

Heh. I’ve been trying to make the perfect Battlestar in this game for ages; the Tribe expansion has certainly helped a ton. Projectile weapons plus repair ability plus tough fighters equals much Colonial goodness!

I think adding missiles is pretty fair; beams and shields are obviously no-go areas. I’ll keep an eye out for any challenges you post, we can have a Colonial head-to-head :wink:

In terms of optimising the design…

If you want armour, you should mount enough to get at least a little over 7, since that’s the penetration of the fighter laser.

Unfortunately, the kinetic weapons are currently imbalanced compared to the other weapons (far too weak), so your build would be dramatically improved by swapping all the howitzers for Cruiser Lasers (which’ll look fine, really, for the Battlestar theme, since cruiser laser fire looks like a form of kinetic fire anyway, to my eye.) It’d also benefit from swapping the autocannons for cruiser defence lasers, but they would look wrong for the theme, and the difference isn’t quite as pronounced (cruiser laser is literally twice as effective as the howitzer in practice, the stats are misleading.)

Having used it in several campaign battles, I can now also say that this ship can take a LOT of punishment before going down.