BBC Parliament Channel 81 on Freeview :)

When I was younger I use to hate Parliament being on BBC 2 when they had f all else to put on. But now, oddly, despite still not being interested in poltics at all, I like having BBC Parliament on in the background, I don’t even listen to what they are saying.


I can only put it down to a few things.

They act different to when they are being interviewed.
It’s a behind the scenes type thing.
It’s the fly on the wall nature of it.
It gives me a connection back to London city now I live by the sea.
I tend to prefer modern buildings but there are exceptions when I like the old ones, the House of Commons is one of them, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace etc, hence I enjoy seeing the House of Commons on BBC Parliament. The Scottish and Welsh Parliaments when they are on are boring due to their modern buildings.

Still, it’s strange.