Beginner question and comment : Static Ship Viability


I am just starting playing. I read that speed is important but right now I am using nearly static or even static ship, using the extra space for armor/weapons/shields/Generator.

I tend to use balanced fleet with dedicated Frigate ensuring Anti-Fighter, Anti-Missile job, EMP blocade and LRM/Beam backup while escorting a Cruiser Tank battleline (with heavy armor and shield regeneration ) backed up by Heavy Beam Cruiser.

My question is : if using mainly tank and long range weaponary does the lack of engine is very problematic, given that my opponent is having enough power to close the range ?

Also I am using what I call Aegis Frigate with dual point defense and dual anti-fighter missile to escort /protect my tank with some success, is it a good idea ?
I used static Frigate with 28.73 armor rating as point defense and EMP launcher (2 EMP, 1 LRM, 1 Antifighter missile), as a defense “shield” and backup, any comments ?

Honestly, frigate point defense modules are useless next to Cruiser missile scramblers. I’ve found a decent mix is frigates with 2 plasma, 1 Ion, and 1 Anti Fighter missile, 3 powered armor (Non lightweight), and 1 of the Tougher green shields. I like to keep them in between cruisers with scramblers and heavy shields/1 Ultra Heavy armor. It can usually survive anything but the nastiest fighter attacks.

Speed is not important in a predominately long range fleet.

I would actually take this slightly farther. It sounds to me like you’re using a defensive line, with your DPS ships behind it? If that is the case, you want it to have the bare minimum speed it can handle. Use formation orders to hold things into a formation, and try to get the speed down to .04ish across the board

In fact I am using a non-moving fleet, after discovering that I dont need to put any engine at all…

Currently it worked because I have a strong/decent anti-missile defense and thus the opposition is entitled to enter my weapon range but it is a bit frustrating so perhaps I will finaly put one engine… in replacement of what ? armor/shield/plasma ?

Also it is fun for fighting moving opposition because they tend to advance in waves and thus I am not too overwhelmed, especially as setting up as far as possible from the start line (in order to have them disperse a bit).

If you want to “train up” for campaign mode, learn to build cruisers with engines and speeds of at least .10–nothing worse than having to retreat and watching your slow cruisers not make the turn in time and self-vaporize. . . .

While some speed is very useful you don’t need to have cruisers zooming about. I prefer slow (but not too slow) cruisers with long range weaponry. They can unleash a punishing barrage, often times destroying enemy ships before they’re even able to get off a single shot. The slower speed is compensated for by huge amounts of long range weaponry along with beefy defenses. Outright stationary is bad as it removes all flexibility. You want at least some movement on your ships.

Two engines is usually enough.

Non moving isn’t so good because then your position/range is up for exploitation. It’s better to have 1 engine to shift into position so all your long range can be nicely packed.