Being a newbie at this game - or a 'bug'?

Something went wrong with my very first democracy period :slight_smile:
I started with a randomized UK situation and after 16 turns the country was in a really better shape than in the beginning, but nevertheless noone voted for me and the game ended.
It seems voters groups are much more important than I thought or my will to make that society a better society ;-).
But back to the point: is it possible to raise in 16 turns your ‘being liked by voters’ from 5% to more than 50% to be reelected or is it a kind if ‘bug’ that you can start with so less ‘being liked’?

That might be the kind of situation where you ought to go for longer periods so people can’t vote you out as quickly. There is a policy that allows you to change how long you have between each election. Bumping that up by a couple years might be enough to placate voters sufficiently.

But yes, generally speaking, in a democracy the most important thing is the voter groups. That’s sorta by design.
Except at least currently, voter groups really don’t behave as they ought to. They don’t really care about changes but rather they seem almost laser focused on the current state of affairs. Good will isn’t really something that’s considered very strongly. (It is a little bit, but the effect is too low. On the flip side, they also don’t actually care that much if they already loved you and you introduce something they utterly hate)

sound to me like you may have been a bit to radical iplments them sloly will checking support and you can get both outcomes

yes, I did many implementations at once. I thought: much helps much…

The speed at which you implement policies doesn’t really matter, but sometimes you have to take a break from solving actual problems and spend some political capital to appease voter groups. The way I play the game I usually pick out a specific playstyle before I start (either going for an achievment or a corner of the political compass) and pick which voter groups I will focus on. Making the choice of either socialist or capitalist and either conservative or liberal to focus on one and ignore the other is the way to win elections.

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